Dungeons Sans Dragons

Dungeons Sans Dragons is a Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition podcast, using the Planescape™ campaign setting and featuring an entirely nonbinary cast. Each season is independent of the others, featuring the same NPCs and world, but a different cast and plot.

Season 1: “...but Dragons”

Welcome to Sigil, domain of the Lady of Pain, center of the multiverse, and home to everyone anyone needs to know to survive. Join Leon Barillaro (they/them) as Clangorous, V Silverman (they/them) as Tal, Bex Taylor-Klaus (they/them) as Inwar, and Diana Voyer (they/them) as literally everyone else as they spend some time in the Cage, journey across the planes, and maybe find a meaningful plot somewhere in there.

Season 1 was a pilot season, introducing everyone to the world and its players.

Season 2: Gambit

Ever since the Lady decreed there would be only fifteen Factions in Sigil, those that made it out of the upheaval have been locked in their kriegstanz: never outright war, but subterfuge and deception. Join DM Diana Voyer and players A.*, Ceci, and Kathy as [redacted], high ranking members of their factions, for a campaign of intrigue, politics, and maybe a plot?

Season 2 follows an experimental format: what if the players couldn't communicate, and couldn't be sure if they were making plans with other players? The characters in this season are all officials in the government of Sigil, and do their best to figure out what's going on in the city without letting those who are in on it know they're doing so.